Hi! 👋🏻 I'm Tanvir,
A Full-Stack WordPress

I’m not a great Developer;

I’m just a good Developer with great habits!

My Story

I am based in Bangladesh & my background is in computer science.
Back in 2013, the entire internet system and web technology evolved in my country. At that time, I was admitted to a local software firm(IBCS Primax) for a web development course based on PHP and MySQL.

There I learned the core concept of how the website works between client and server. Later, I started self-teaching and learning basic website design with HTML, CSS, and JS, making it dynamic with PHP and MySQL.

In 2014 I was exploring CMS and got introduced to WordPress, which amazed me greatly. Then I started learning WordPress for a couple of months. I could relate to all the theme and plugin APIs because I had a good concept in PHP and object-oriented programming.

I am still very passionate about the remote job because I like freedom and managing my work schedule as I wish, and I can travel a lot. At that time(2014), I was looking for a remote job and was hired by a UK-based company as a WordPress technical support engineer.


💡Nowadays, I work as a freelance WordPress developer. I work with entrepreneurs, agencies and individuals. I create experiences and solve problems to execute their goal & expectations!

Life Line

I fight for my dreams,

I fight for more opportunities,

I fight for pride,

I fight for whatever it is that burn inside of me,

I try to make life myself ✨